Buy IP Transit on Equinix Fabric

Buy IP Transit at the Digital Edge within Equinix FabricTM

Quality, low-cost internet IP Transit delivered via the Equinix Fabric™

IPNG has partnered with Equinix to provide IP Transit services within the Equinix Fabric ecosystem.

Connect your digital infrastructure and on demand services via a secure Equinix Fabric interconnection to the IPNG network and enjoy quality internet bandwidth at affordable prices – whether you operate infrastructure within the Equinix Metal environment or host in any Australian Equinix datacenter.

If you are looking for an aggressively priced internet data provider on Equinix Fabric (for transit, peering or blended bandwidth options) – contact us for a competitive quote.

IPNG offers a variety of service options – from a “Default Route” product, to Domestic traffic, Peering, International transit, Full Table BGP, DDoS protection, etc.

The application process is straight-forward, and the setup is a seamless.

IPNG Transit is available on Equinix Fabric and Equinix Metal.

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