Equinix ME1 IP Transit

Equinix ME1 Transit

Quality, low-cost internet bandwidth delivered at Equinix ME1 DC

The Equinix ME1 datacentre in Melbourne is one of the IPNG-native locations for transit connectivity.

If you are looking for an aggressively priced internet data provider at Equinix ME1 (for transit, peering or blended bandwidth options) – contact us for a competitive quote.

IPNG offers a variety of service options – from a “Default Route” product, to Domestic traffic, Peering, International transit, Full Table BGP, DDoS protection, etc.

The application process is straight-forward, and the setup is a simple datacentre cross-connect away.

The Equinix ME1 datacentre is located at 578 Lorimer Street, Port Melbourne, VIC 3207, Australia.

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