Members and Partners

IPNG Members

Open membership

IPNG membership is open to any bandwidth consuming professional entity with good credit rating. Our data plans range between 1 Gbps – 100+ Gbps. In fact, our entry-level 1 Gbps plan is so cheap, it is suitable even for smaller operators.

Simply cross-connect to us in one of our POPs (or order a fibre circuit to your premise) and setup a service on an appropriate plan. It is quick and easy!

Strategic partnerships

We occasionally engage in strategic partnerships with alliance members who have a particularly large bandwidth requirement and/or currently purchase bandwidth at lower prices than us. Our resulting combined size in terms of aggregated bandwidth is in most cases producing a better price for everyone, including the other alliance members. If you feel you qualify in this category, please get in touch with us!

Founding members

Founding members are in many ways strategic partners who help us get off the ground to a particular stage of growth through their large transit requirements, existing telco relationships and capital injection. The founding members will benefit from a lifetime of TopTierTM pricing (lowest tier price we can offer, regardless of the qualifying bandwidth consumption tier) as well as capital + interest returns on their financial investment in IPNG. If you feel you qualify in this category, please get in touch with us!

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