History and Governance

IPNG: History and Governance


IPNG was founded in 2021 by a group of Internet Companies (ISPs, Cloud and Content providers) who decided to come together and combine their aggregated bandwidth usage in order to lower their individual transit costs.

Although a commercial entity, IPNG has been engineered as a separate/external party to the initial founding group, operating with unparalleled autonomous integrity expected from such a resource broker. It is envisaged that the operational aspect of IPNG will be outsourced to an independent third-party operator once a certain business maturity level has been reached.

The founding charter of IPNG has been etched in a non-for-profit spirit. The extremely low fees that are included in the published prices are used to ensure that the operational costs are being met, while the company viability (growth, R&D, marketing and finance) is prioritised through its lifecycle.

The company does not hold loans and has been financed by its founding members. The opportunity of being a founding member will remain open until the company reaches its Stage 2 goal of Growth (a substantial and ambitious amount of aggregated traffic nation-wide). While becoming a founding member requires a company with certain traffic and capital metrics, the benefits include life-long TopTierTM pricing and capital + interest returns on the initial investment.

Founded on Transparency

We believe it is important for our alliance members to know where their fees are going. Below is our spending pattern in the current growth phase of IPNG operations.

21% Marketing & Re-investment Budget
19% Customer Support & Operations
8% Payments
15% People & Office
17% Research & Development
20% Partners and Finance

Current Status

IPNG is currently in Stage 1 of Growth with an aggregated capacity of 400 Gbps across multiple POPs in Sydney and Melbourne.

We are inviting additional members to join – the more traffic we aggregate, the cheaper it is for all of us.

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