Making IP Transit Affordable

Using bulk-buying power to lower network bandwidth costs

10 November 2021, Sydney, Australia: Australian IP Transit provider IPNG has announced the successful reception of its program launch following the completion of its first two native points of presence (POPs) in Sydney and Melbourne with an instant network capacity of 400Gbps. This is an exciting move in making low-cost quality IP Transit available to Australian networks who can connect directly or via virtual circuits to the IPNG Transit Alliance Network. 

IPNG’s CTO Lucian Kafka said “the IPNG Transit Alliance is able to provide high quality yet low-cost internet transit by leveraging the bulk-buying power of its alliance members’ aggregated bandwidth. Our members get access to the economies of scale and pricing break levels traditionally reserved for high bandwidth usage businesses or Telco networks.” 

Traditionally, Australia has one of the highest bandwidth costs in the world, which is the very challenge the IPNG Transit Alliance tries to solve by offering service providers and enterprise customers a low-cost, carrier grade internet transit solution. 

The IPNG Network peers with various tier-1 domestic and international IP Transit provider networks and offers various services including: Blended default route transit, peering, domestic and international routes, full BGP tables and DDoS protection. Built upon a Juniper powered IP network with the latest hardware, run by industry experts, IPNG has the capacity and the experience to provide a resilient and rapidly scalable IP Transit service. 

“The more aggregated bandwidth the IPNG alliance consumes, the lower the transit prices of its members become.” says Kafka. 

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IPNG was founded in 2021 by a group of Internet Companies (ISPs, Cloud and Content providers) who came together to combine their aggregated bandwidth usage to address high individual transit costs.  IPNG offers an exceptionally attractive solution to fight the on-going rise of IP Transit costs, being built with its users in mind and run by industry experts and true technologists. 

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