Converging towards the lowest cost transit in Australia

The IPNG Transit Alliance

IPNG provides quality low-cost internet transit by leveraging the bulk-buying power of its alliance members’ aggregated bandwidth.

How does it work?

Simply peer with us at one of our points of inter-connect and purchase bandwidth from our published, low price data plans.

If you have a large bandwidth requirement, or you are currently purchasing quality bandwidth at a lower price than our published prices – even better! Join us as a Strategic Partner and we will work together to jointly lower our prices.

The more aggregated bandwidth the IPNG alliance consumes, the lower the prices of the alliance members become.

IPNG offers service providers and enterprise customers a carrier grade internet transit solution. Built upon our Juniper powered IP network with the latest hardware, run by industry experts, IPNG has the capacity and the experience to provide a resilient and rapidly scalable IP Transit service.

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